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From an article by Angela Hill in the Prince Albert Daily Herald of April 21, 2010.

Despite it being exam period the handful of students picked up banners and walked from the main campus at 1501 Central Avenue to the southern city limits. Teachers and other students at the campus gave the walkers a cheering send off.

For more, see the Prince Albert Daily Herald web site.

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First Nations University Drama Group
in conjunction with the Student Association
are pleased to present …


an original play

To bring unity and recognition to
First Nations University of Canada

E.A. Rawlinson Centre for the Arts
in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
7:00 p.m., Thursday, April 15, 2010
admission by donation

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From an article by Kerry Benjoe published in the Montreal Gazette on April 2, 2010.

“There’s much work to be done in a very short period time,” said Pete. “But I think that the work both the board has done and the interim administration team has done has really paved the way for my role coming in at this point.”

Pete said she wants to remind everyone that the university has a long history in the province and plays an important role in the community.

She plans on focusing the next six months working with others to get federal funding restored to the university.

“I have to commend all the folks that have been involved to date,” said Pete. “They have worked under time crunches and, in some ways, impossible odds. They’ve done it with grace and dignity and they’ve carried forward with a very clear focus, and I hope to assume that very clear focus.”

Read more in the Montreal Gazette.

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From an article by Angela Hall in the Prince Albert Daily Herald of March 24, 2010.

Hours before the live-in began the province announced that a memorandum of understanding, which will see funds flow to the university through the University of Regina, was signed.

“That makes us happy, we need to hear announcements like that. It’s a relief for us, but it hasn’t solved the whole problem” said Lydia Ross, chief of the northern campus student’s association.

The funding from the MOU with the province only covers a couple of programs including nursing education and dentistry. Other programs, such as Indian Social Work, will be left out, said Rosealee Naumann, the student association’s executive secretary.

“Just one more big announcement from the Feds and we will be happy, back sleeping in our own beds,” she said.

Read more in the Prince Albert Daily Herald.

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From an article by Murray Wood on the NewsTalk 980 web site, posted March 23, 2010.

With just over one week till the First Nations University of Canada was about to run out of funding arrangements, a reprieve from the Saskatchewan government.

An agreement is being announced that will see the province restore $5.2 million in annual funding for the school. It calls for FNUC to partner with the University of Regina, and as earlier agreed to, the U of R would administer funding.

However there are challenges still to keeping the school going. Ottawa has so far refused to return over 7 million dollars in annual funding. Norris says he’ll do his best to persuade Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl to support the new arrangement.

Read the full article on the NewsTalk 980 site.

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To: MLA of Prince Albert

Dear Mr. Furber,

The Media has released information that will affect First Nations University of Canada. On Feb 8, 2010 it was released that the federal government was to cut its funding. The amount of funding to be cut is $7.2 million. This non-renewal of $7.2 million in funding is another severe loss in addition to the already withheld $5.2 million dollars in funding from the provincial government.

As a student enrolled in programming facilitated by the FNUniv I am seriously concerned about the future of academic programs being gravely affected by these funding cuts. These funding cuts will have detrimental affects throughout Prince Albert and northern communities. Please understand that these cuts are not just associated with the Regina and Saskatoon campuses but will have serious implications for the Prince Albert Campus.

Currently there are 440 students to date that are enrolled in various programs, at different sites within Prince Albert, and Northern communities such as Ile la Crosse, Black Lake, La Ronge. The dissolution of the FNUniv, primarily in Prince Albert will affect these 440 students and surrounding areas. And this is the largest student body of the FNUniv of Regina campus and Saskatoon. A majority of these students are from northern communities, have traveled great distance to be part of the greater good of educating themselves and have uprooted there families, families which contribute to the downtown core of Prince Albert.

This institution is very important to everyone. We have the only Dental Therapy program offered in Canada, the Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan is truly unique, the Indian Social Work program is a non transferrable program, where are these students going to go? The impact to Prince Albert is comparable to the loss of Weyerhaeuser.

Please understand that these funding cuts are severing any hopes and dreams of future Native and Non Native students to access quality world class education in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. The funding cuts proposed to FNUniv will negatively impact the core downtown area of Prince Albert. The economic impact will be felt if the FNUniv will have to close its doors.

Please advocate on our behalf to reinstate the funding for FNUniv.

Respectfully Attending student at FNUC

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Prince Albert Love-In March 23, 2010 at 4:30 pm

Prince Albert Love-in Poster

Join us Tuesday at 4:30 and move into your school.

The students will be occupying `Our’ institution to URGE both governments to reinstate our funding with FNUniv!!

No funding to First Nations University of Canada and the doors will close.

The time for action is now!!

Bring your sleeping bags and your tooth brush and show your support that you Will not let the government keep your dreams of success from becoming a reality

WHERE: Second site on 11th Street

Student Lounge

WHEN: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at 4:30


For as long as it takes to get our money back!!!!

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