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From an article by Tim Switzer in the Vancouver Sun of Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

On Wednesday, staff and students at FNUniv breathed a collective sigh of relief when Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl announced the federal government would provide the embattled school with $4 million to cover costs from Sept. 1 to March 31.

“I really hold the First Nations University dear to my heart,” said soon-to-be-third-year business student Rebecca Sangwais while sitting behind the counter at Kohkum Bea’s convenience store at FNUniv. “I didn’t realize at first how awesome this university is and the support system it offers. I was worried that it would be shutting down.

“I’m really overjoyed to know we’re going to be here for another year and hopefully for the future.”

The next step is for the university to secure long-term, sustainable funding. The $4-million offer, like the $3 million provided by the federal government to see students through the end of August, comes from the Indian Studies Support Program and comes with conditions that FNUniv meets milestones for governance and accountability changes.

FNUniv president Shauneen Pete was not made available to speak to the media Wednesday, but said in a news release that the “board of governors has committed an extraordinary effort to restore governance and accountability structures.”

She also noted that, while funding is back near the level it was in February when over $12 million was pulled from the university by the federal and provincial governments following years of allegations of financial mismanagement and political interference, there are still dollars that can be saved.

Liberal Ralph Goodale, the local MP, cautiously applauded the move.

“It’s a good sign, but it’s not a guarantee and that’s what’s really required here,” said Goodale. “Hopefully, all of the partners here will use the time that’s available here to put into place an arrangement that will last a long time on a sound and credible financial basis.”

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From an article by Kathleen Legris in the Canada Examiner of May 11, 2010.

The First Nations University announced Monday it will be putting its original Saskatoon campus up for sale immediately as part of major financial cutbacks. According to an announcement made by FNU President Shauneen Pete inside a Saskatoon classroom and broadcast to students and staff on the Regina and Prince Albert campuses, students will be allowed to complete their classes up to August 31st.

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From an article by Jason Warick in the Leader-Post of May 3, 2010.

[FNUniv president Shauneen] Pete announced the campus closure at 11 a.m. Monday inside a Saskatoon classroom packed with several dozen students, faculty and other staff. The announcement was broadcast by video to students and staff on the campuses in Regina and Prince Albert.

Pete told those gathered the Saskatoon campus was being put up for sale immediately. It will be closed as soon as a buyer is found. In addition, cuts to faculty and staff are to take place on all three campuses.

“Saskatoon is being put up for sale. (The cuts) were necessary,” Pete said in a brief interview on the Saskatoon campus Monday afternoon.

She said the school of Indian social work (ISW) will remain intact, but it’s unclear where the classes will be held.

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From an article posted to CBC.ca on May 3, 2010.

The First Nations University of Canada is moving to sell its Saskatoon campus as part of a major financial overhaul.

FNUC president Shauneen Pete was confirming some cuts Monday morning during a private meeting with staff, faculty and students in Saskatoon.

FNUC has its main campus in Regina and satellite campuses in Saskatoon and Prince Albert. The Saskatoon building is north of the downtown at 710 Duke St.

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From an article posted to Saskatoonhomepage.ca on April 24, 2010.

Since the funding cuts to the University were announced members of the program have been occupying the Saskatoon campus for 31 consecutive days, sleeping in the school’s gymnasium since March 23.

The walk-run is an extension of the ongoing political protest, which has been expedited with a recent announcement by the current administration to shut down the school, and sell the building and property in Saskatoon.

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Saskatoon campus is hosting a walk to activate political support to create awareness of the FNUniv, to speak out against the closing of the Saskatoon campus and to ensure the university receives adequate funding for its long-term survival. Participants will begin the 264 km journey at 710 Duke Street on Saturday, April 24th. Everyone is welcome to join the walk at any location along the way. For more info, contact Sharon at 341-2578, Audrey at 881-2136 or Shelley at 241-2009.

solidarity walk poster

Solidarity Walk Poster, PDF version.

View Interactive Map on MapMyRun.com

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From an article by Kerry Benjoe published in the Montreal Gazette on April 2, 2010.

“There’s much work to be done in a very short period time,” said Pete. “But I think that the work both the board has done and the interim administration team has done has really paved the way for my role coming in at this point.”

Pete said she wants to remind everyone that the university has a long history in the province and plays an important role in the community.

She plans on focusing the next six months working with others to get federal funding restored to the university.

“I have to commend all the folks that have been involved to date,” said Pete. “They have worked under time crunches and, in some ways, impossible odds. They’ve done it with grace and dignity and they’ve carried forward with a very clear focus, and I hope to assume that very clear focus.”

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